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Defective printer, you repair or you replace?

It can be tempting to replace a printer prematurely rather than have it repaired, but this choice, which can sometimes seem advantageous on the surface, is not a long-term one.

When your printing device stops working or has a technical problem that you can't solve with a few basic maneuvers, it doesn't mean that it died a beautiful death, but rather that he is ill and needs to be taken to the doctor…the printer doctor.

There are many causes that can be at the origin of the difficulties encountered by your device, but most are easily identifiable by an experienced technician who can solve your printer problems in less time than it takes to say.

Here's why it's better to consider repairing your printing device than replacing it.

Repairing your printer is more economical than replacing it.

The cost of buying a new printer will inevitably exceed the cost of repairing it. This is even more true if you have a high-end device for which you have invested a considerable amount of money when buying it.

In addition to the purchase price, there are indirect costs, i.e. those related to:

•the installation of your new printing device if you use the services of a technician;the training provided to your employees on the proper use of the new machine in a professional context;

•loss of productivity due to delays in delivery of the new printer;

•the loss of ink cartridges in place in the device or purchased as prevention, which then become unusable if you choose to purchase a different model.

This means that unless you want to throw your money away, it is in your best interest to have your printer repaired to extend its life rather than finding a replacement.

Ecological considerations in favor of repair. 

If the Earth could speak, it would be begging us all to throw less in general and to repair objects that still have a few years of good service to offer us. 

This obviously applies to the many electronic and computer devices that are part of our daily lives.

Many printer components are recyclable, but not all of them. Choosing to replace your printing device rather than repairing it means adding additional waste to the infinite pile that sadly pollutes the planet. And please, if your printer has died and a trained technician can't bring it back to life (it does happen!), take it to an official Serpuarian drop-off point. 

Simplicity and efficiency

Faced with a problem, humans intuitively seek the solution that requires the lowest level of effort to obtain the most satisfactory result. This quest for efficiency is rooted in our deep nature. We will always try to take the easiest path from point A to get to point B. We don't like trouble, that's how it is!

This also applies to the repair of our goods rather than their replacement.When you already know how your printer works and you are satisfied with its performance, it is in your best interest not to replace it or you will have to start from scratch with a new device whose functions will require some learning and adjustments in your way. 

Moreover, it is much faster to call a technician to repair your machine than to shop for a new model and wait for it to be delivered and installed.

You already have it, you love it, keep it! 

Whether your printer is still under warranty or not, we have solutions to get it back in order so that it regains its full functionality as soon as possible.

If your printer is in great shape and you want to extend its life to the maximum, don't wait for problems to arise and contact us to find out about our maintenance programs which include periodic cleaning and checking of the various components of your device.

To find out about all of our products and services or for any questions relating to your printing device, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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