HP C1Q10A Replacement printhead 711
HP CH647A Grey and Dark Grey Printhead 761
HP C9406A Magenta and Yellow Printhead 70
HP C9404A Matte Black and Cyan Printhead 70
Brother HD002 MFC7150C Print Head
Brother HD001 MFC7000C Print Head
HP CN074A Dark grey printhead 762
HP CH648A Matte Black Printhead 761
HP CH646A Magenta and Yellow Printhead 761
HP CH645A 761 Yellow Printhead
HP C9461A Magenta and Yellow Printhead 91
HP C9460A Matte Black and Cyan Printhead 91
HP C9424A Light magenta printhead 85
HP C9422A Yellow Printhead 85
HP C9421A Magenta Printhead 85
HP C9420A Cyan 85 printhead
HP C9408A Blue and Green Printhead 70
HP C9383A Magenta and Cyan Printhead 72
HP C9382A Cyan and Magenta Printhead 88
HP C9381A Black and Yellow Printhead 88
HP C9380A Grey and Black Photo Printhead 72
HP C5057A Yellow Printhead 90
HP C5056A 90° Magenta Printhead
HP C5055A Cyan Printhead 90
HP C5054A 90° Black Printhead
HP C5019A Black Printhead 84
HP C4955A Clear Magenta Printhead 81
HP C4901A Magenta and Cyan 940 Printhead
HP C4900A Black and Yellow Printhead 940
HP C4823A Yellow Printhead 80

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