Authorized Service Provider

PG TECH offers warranty repair services for Epson Lexmark Canon and OKI printers.

We service printers, scanners and Point of Sale (POS).

Centre de service autorisé PG TECH

Warranty Repair

PG TECH is an authorized agent offering certified repair service for printers and POS printers under warranty.

We repair printers and multifunction devices manufactured by Canon, Epson, Lexmark and Oki.

Our drop-off location allows us to offer warranty repair service that meets the requirements of these manufacturers.

Most devices still under warranty are repaired by the next business day. In this case, simply bring your printer or MFP and a proof of purchase (invoice) to our workshop. We will notify you as soon as your unit is repaired.

Here are all the details on the warranties for these products.

Canon products under warranty

To repair any Canon printer or multifunction printer, simply bring it to our Montreal workshop and provide proof of purchase (invoice) or a Canon authorization.

Epson products under warranty

To repair your Epson printer, you must provide the complete model number, serial number and your contact information. Valid proof of purchase is accepted. You can also check to see if your Epson product is warranted at Some inkjet products under warranty may be exchanged rather than repaired.

Lexmark Warranty Products

For Lexmark product repairs, call (514) 335-3336 or send an email. For on-site service or simply bring it to our Montreal workshop and provide proof of purchase (invoice) or authorization from Lexmark.

OKI products under warranty

To repair any OKI printer, simply bring it to our Montreal workshop and provide proof of purchase (invoice) or authorization from OKI.

Epson Canada Limited (ECCC) Covered Products

We can repair all of the following Epson products: inkjet printers, multifunction devices, dot matrix printers, point-of-sale and scanners.

For more information on repairing Epson Canon OKI or Lexmark printers and multifunction devices, contactez-nous.

One of our qualified representatives will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process!

Out of Warranty Repairs

In order to maintain the functionality of your printer, it is important to have it repaired by specialists in the field. Leave it to the experts at PG TECH!

If your printer is no longer under warranty, we will provide you with a detailed estimate prior to repair within approximately 24 to 48 hours. Once you have approved the work to be done, we will proceed with the repair by deducting the evaluation fees.

If it is impossible to repair your unit, we will offer you various solutions from our wide range of new or refurbished models.

To prevent breakdowns and other technical problems, consider one of our printer and multifunction maintenance programs.

Do you own a printer and it's broken? It doesn't always have to be replaced. Sometimes it can be repaired to bring it back to working order and is often less expensive than buying a new one. It also avoids throwing away components in good condition unnecessarily.

Thanks to our various certifications and our specialized technicians, we are able to perform repairs for laser and inkjet printers of many brands such as Brother, Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark and Okidata.

*Evaluation fees will be subtracted when the repair is accepted.