PG TECH has a team with solid experience and a perfect understanding of the printing products on the market. Therefore, we can:

  • Offer the right equipment that will be a solution adapted to your needs
  • Plan with you the expected printing costs
  • Quickly ship your printer cartridges across Canada
  • Provide after-sales service as authorized service agent ed by manufacturers

We have your printing solutions and tailor-made answers to best suit your situation and your device.

Are you buying a price or a solution?

Our team of experts guides you to make the best choice to see more clearly in your buying experience for your new printer.

Do you know if the manufacturer offers replacement parts for your future printer?

Were you disappointed with your last printer purchase when you saw the price of the replacement cartridges?

Several questions sometimes unanswered when buying your printer.

Here are the eligible consultation fees to speak directly with a certified technician who can suggest your personalized solution.

NB : The consultation costs will be deducted when purchasing your printing solution from PG TECH.