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"I originally brought my EPSON Workforce 610 model printer (over 10yrs old!) in for service at an EPSON.ca recommendation due to a "ink pad end of service life" message on the printer itself.

As it were, there were also MANY missing segments on the nozzle check for the BLACK and CYAN colors, but Pierre assured me he would do his best to clear it up as part of the minimum $60 charge to address the ink pad message. He makes sure all is well before giving any printer back to any of his clients, and always advises beforehand if any other work/associated charges is/are necessary.

Suffice to say, not only did he get ALL of the BLACK clear, but 99% of the CYAN unblocked as well compared to less than 40% BLK and 10% CYAN when I brought it in!

Pierre is one who goes the extra mile and can be counted on to give *exceptional* service as well as sound advice in choosing to either pursue a repair or just buy a new printer. I sincerely appreciate this, as I'm not one to simply throw away something just because it isn't working/needs an expert like him to have a look 😉👍

He is well deserving of any business coming his way, and I *HIGHLY* recommend giving him a chance at giving your printer a look because you won't regret it!

Thank you, Pierre! I will be coming back to you for any other printer related services in the future, and will refer any friends/family in need as well with the
utmost of confidence 😁👍"
"My printer wasn't working anymore and, after calling them to see if a repair would be feasible (I gave them a diagnosis of my problem: the printer appeared online but didn't print, and without any error message), they explained that it was the fault of a Windows 10 update and that it had to be erased. I went to the manufacturer's website (in my case Brother) where I found out which update was problematic and, after uninstalling it, the printer started working again. So I strongly recommend that you at least call for information."
"Great place. Repaired our Epson ColourSure for around 200$, part included. Receptionist was very helpful, the deposit was reasonable and the service was finished before the estimated delivery date. Place is easily accessible by car and always has parking available at the door. Will 100% go back if I run into printer issues again."
"I regularly deal with PG Tech to repair my clients' laser printers, and the service is always impeccable, highly recommended by many computer technicians in my area."
"Excellent service, PG TECH has repaired over 100 printers for our customers and I'm always satisfied!"
"We had our multifunction printer repaired at PG Tech and the service was very professional and courteous.

Thanks Pierre, the printer is working great now!

I encourage people to do business with them to repair their printers instead of throwing them away at the first problem and buying a new one, a real waste. We got away with it at a good price.

Patrick and Sandrine"
"Fast and professional service. The manufacturer of the printer confirmed to me that the printer needed to be replaced, while Pierre repaired it in less than 24 hours. Thanks to the entire PG Tech Service team."
"Very good phone evaluation of my printer problem and repair costs, the technician took the time to answer my questions. Thank you."
"Thank you very much! We've been really annoyed for the last 3 days. We knew there was a paper jam but it was totally inaccessible because it was stuck inside. In 5 minutes, Pierre found the problem, removed the paper and explained to us where the problem was coming from. He's really very efficient!"
"Great service and advice. Glad I found this place to give my printers a second life instead of replacing them."
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