Un scénario typique | Choisir la bonne imprimante ou multifonction

Let's talk about choosing the right printer or all-in-one. Recurrent questions in our conversations with customers have inspired me to share with you this typical type of scenario as it might answer your questions too.


The conversation

PG TECH: Following our correspondence and after the assessment of your needs, your solution would be the following printer………. It offers all the features you will need.

Customer: I just saw that, at Staples, the same printer is cheaper. Can you tell me what you offer more?

PG TECH: PG TECH not only offers personalized services such as a direct correspondence with the general public and businesses; it also is an Authorized Service Centre. We have expertise in printers and we are able to provide a full consultation and repair service.

Customer: Can you match that price ?

PG TECH: That hypermarket is a dealership network that has the possibility of selling at a loss as that loss will be refunded by the manufacturer. At PG TECH, we purchase through the Canadian distribution; we do not receive a refund from the manufacturer if we sell at a loss.

Customer: Thank you for your advice. As for the printer, we will need to postpone the project, but I am keeping your coordinates.

PG TECH: Thank you, we invite you to also compare the prices of toner with ours. If needed, please do not hesitate to revalidate your needs with our configurator.

Have a nice day!


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