Le choix de votre nouvelle imprimante ou appareil multifonction

At PG TECH, we think your needs should be at the basis of your choice for new equipment. We know the market and we would love to guide you through a sustainable and economical purchase. Choosing your new printer or all-in-one may be a difficult exercise. We encourage you to asses first what features you’re going to need.

How many pages do you print per month?
Do you really need color?
Is the print speed an actual issue?

As opposed to buying a product based on its price, this will enable you to think your purchase in a longer term, foreseeing cartridge and part purchases, and avoiding costly gadgets that you do not use.

Smart buying tip

It is well-known to many: the laser printer often sells at a higher price than the inkjet one. What one may not know is that the laser system also often means less cartridges to replace over time, and it involves easier, cheaper maintenance and repair services. This may be explained by the fact that only a few ink jet manufactures (Brother and Epson) make replacement parts. Therefore, we can always do cleanings and minor repairs, but in several cases, we cannot change parts. Also, the inkjet system only works with all four colors – black, cyan, magenta, yellow. Not only four cartridges instead of one require replacements; in a printer that’s not used on a regular basis, the ink tends to dry out around the printhead.

You can use our equipment configurator to start assessing your needs.

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