Le saviez-vous ?

Did you know that there are some tips for maintaining your inkjet printer?

Here are some tips:

- Print!

It may seem obvious, but the majority of inkjet printers that have problems that require repair is mainly related to low or even rare usage. The best way to avoid damage to your inkjet printer is to print regularly.

By printing regularly you can prevent your printheads from drying out and/or jamming. A ratio of at least one photo print per week seems correct.

- Don't overdo the internal cleaning

Sometimes we may be tempted to do one or more extra cleanings to improve the quality of our prints or to fix a minor problem. However, this is not the best solution to take since repeated cleanings may actually cause you more problems instead of solving them. By scheduling cleanings several times in a row, you risk not only emptying your inks but also saturating the maintenance tank or sponges which then requires repair.

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