Comment résoudre l'erreur 5B00 sur les imprimantes Canon (séries Pixma G) ?

If you have a Canon inkjet printer of the Pixma series G1000, G2000, G3000, G4000 well, you have or you will most certainly at some point see two orange and yellow lights blinking alternately 7 times on your printer then display an error code.

This error code is 5B00. It indicates that the used ink counter must be reset and that your absorber pads must be replaced.

Changing the ink pads alone will not solve the problem. It is necessary to use a software to do the reset. This software is only accessible by Canon authorized service centers. It is therefore (normally) impossible for you to solve the problem by yourself.

The procedure to follow when the error code 5B00 pops up, is to go to the nearest Canon authorized service center so that the counter of your printer can be reset and your ink pads can be replaced by a technician.

5b00, G1200, G2200, G3200, G4210