La différence entre les cartouches d’origine, réusinées et compatibles

The differences between original (OEM), remanufactured and compatible cartridges

We've done numerous repair services regarding the cartridges. Let's talk about the differences between original, remanufactured and compatible cartridges.

Original (‘genuine’) toner and ink cartridges (OEM)

Those are the ones made by the printer’s manufacture. They usually come with a warranty from the fabricant. They also offer a better image quality as the refined method of manufacture used produces softer and smaller toner particles.
Amongst all the many cartridge-related problems we have encountered, the ones involving an OEM cartridge have been extremely rare. We will recommend OEM cartridges without hesitation. 

Re-manufactured cartridges (« refurbished »)

They are used original cartridges that have been refilled, following an inspection and cleaning process in a manufacture.
This being said, there are different quality levels amongst the re-manufactures cartridges.
Sometimes, they are refilled my mechanical equipment; sometimes this is done by hand. To refill the cartridge by hand, one must pierce a hole in it, which increases risks of leaking.
Also, each filling contains less ink than the previous one as the sponge that’s inside the cartridge wears out over time. 

Compatible cartridges

Those are designed to accommodate the formats of various printers while keeping their cost as low as possible. This involves: Lower quality materials and ink as well as less durable formats. The compatible cartridges are often made in China and they are sold at the lowest price on the market. Some of the most frequent issues related to compatibles cartridges:

Toner cartridges

○ Toner not properly fixed to the paper ("dusty")

○ Toner buildup that causes paper jam

○ Fuser unit warning out faster than normal

○ Poor image quality ("ghostly", distorted, etc.)

Ink cartridges

○ Leaking

○ Lower yield than expected

○ Poor image quality (paler lines, darker spots, lack of precision in colors, etc.)

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